STAR-Mental Health Therapeutic Rehabilitation Program

The goal is to provide individuals with help by offering our services which promotes personal growth to achieve maximum benefit for each individual.

Our values include:

  • treat clients with consideration, respect, and personal dignity
  • provide individualized treatment and partnership with treatment
  • maintain appropriate confidentiality
  • promote personal growth and independence

STAR services shall be:

Face-to-face, on-site, psychiatric rehabilitation and supports for an individual with a severe and persistent mental illness and include:

  • Designed to maximize the reduction of a mental health disorder and the restoration of individual’s functional level to the individual’s best possible functional level.
  • Group sessions will be multi-modal, multi-disciplinary and have a structured approach.
  • Each group will be limited to a minimum of three (3) individuals to a maximum of six (6) individuals.
  • A recipient in a therapeutic rehabilitation program shall establish the recipient’s own rehabilitation goals within the plan of care.

STAR shall be delivered:

Using a variety of psychiatric rehabilitation techniques delivered individually or in a group and focus on:

  • Improving daily living skills.
  • Self-monitoring of symptoms and side effects.
  • Emotional regulation skills.
  • Crisis coping skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Relapse Prevention strategies/plan
  • Program to be delivered individually or group
  • Monthly summary report to guardian

These services will be designed and provided for an individual with a persistent mental illness and mild intellectual disability. Acceptance to the program requires a commitment to attend (3) days per week for three (3.5) hours each day. An example schedule is provided below:

Monday 8:30-12p – Tuesday 8:30-12p – Thursday 8:30-12p (No group on Wednesday/Friday)

General Coverage Requirements:
The services will be provided by an individual approved behavioral health practitioner or practitioner under supervision who is enrolled in the Kentucky Medicaid Program in accordance with 907 KAR 1:672 and 907 KAR1:671.

This program will accept individuals who have traditional Medicaid coverage, and the service shall be medically necessary for an individual with a persistent mental illness, intellectual disability and that the individual may benefit from participating in the STAR Program.

Individuals who are a present danger to self or others; or individuals experiencing active psychosis may not be considered.


Referral Process:

  • Request and Complete Intake Packet
  • Schedule an Initial Screening
  • Schedule Assessment to Determine Necessity of Service
  • Individual Establishes Treatment Plan Goals within the
  • Treatment Plan Using a Person-Centered Planning Process
  • Crisis Plan Developed
  • Provide Continuity of Care Information (see admission checklist)

Intake Packet

  • Intake cover sheet
  • Authorization of Release of Records
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Service Agreement

Admission Checklist-Continuity of Care Information

  • SIS Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Physical
  • Current medications and dosage
  • Psychiatric Evaluation –if available
  • Life Story
  • Incident Reports during past 90 days
  • Functional Assessment/Positive Behavior Support Plan-for participants receiving this service
  • Summary of behaviors during the past 90 days

If a referral is engaging in behaviors that are an immediate danger to self or others or experiencing active psychosis or symptoms which may be dangerous,